Aims of the group

The Creative Sparks Group is a group of creative people from a wide range of disciplines who meet in Slough once a month to talk about ideas and feedback on the progress of our projects.

1. IDEAS – Discuss ideas and be a catalyst for creativity

2. NURTURE – Support creative projects at incubation stage

3. ACTION – Encourage each other to continue to take effective action

Its fun to discuss ideas, and get engrossed in an art form we love. Its also great to share our work, find an audience and see where we could go with it next. We have also found that the creative process can at times be challenging, and there is often a need for support to continue a creative endeavour in the midst of juggling other life commitments. Various things can hold us up: procrastination, time management, creative blocks, too many ideas, or even laziness! Meeting regularly keeps us moving forward, rekindling the joy, sparking collaborations, and friendships develop. If this group is for you we’d love to hear from you, contact us through this site.

This group is independently run on an annual membership basis, and was first formed in 2015 and has evolved into its current form. Please look at the Details Page to find out more about what we do, when, where and how much.

Please contact us through the Contact Form if you are interested.